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Welcome to the MDM PUMPS LTD factory tour


With the help of CAD/CAM and over 60 years experience of designing hygienic centrifugal pumps, the pumps are designed and manufactured by us to your individual requirements.



We buy in standard readily available mechanical seals (typically DIN size John Crane seals).


Typical seals


We buy in standard IE3 or IE2 electric motors (typically AEG (Lafert), ABB, Weg, Cemp or Brook), or even petrol / diesel engines.
Typical electric motors

Raw Materials

We manufacture our centrifugal pumps from solid stainless steel 316L raw materials, complete with mill certificates - note no castings are used, and therefore no risk of porosity.
Stainless steel bar

Cutting Off

We cut the solid stainless steel 316L bar into blanks.
Cutting stainless steel blanks


We take the cut stainless steel blanks and using CNC lathes and vertical milling machines, machine the pump components. 
Milling impellers CNC milling m/c
Turning on a CNC lathe CNC lathe


We use qualified welders.
Welding parts


We grind the components to produce surface finishes of better than 0.5 µmRa (when required).
Hand finishing


We take the completed components and assemble them together to produce a quality centrifugal pump.


Assembling pumps


We fully performance test every pump and check vibration and noise levels.

Every pump is tested


We inspect the finished pump, and add a detailed instruction manual.
Inspecting pumps