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Old models

We have manufactured stainless steel pumps since 1952 and can still supply spares for them. Some know us by our old trade name Centri Compact , our company name prior to 1992, Midland Dairy Machines Ltd or our old model names C1, C2, C6, C7, C8, C8S, C9, DA, Minor, Mini, Major and Malvern.




Our mechanical seals are very competitively priced. Please contact our sales department for a price.

The downloads page has various seal fitting instructions for specific pumps and seals.


Shaft clamps

Prior to 1994 we used to heat shrink the pump stub shaft onto the motor shaft. Now we have a much improved shaft clamp system which can be retro-fitted to all our pre-1994 D range pumps. 

We can supply a new stub shaft complete with shaft clamp. This makes it much simpler to change motors in the future.

Instructions for replacing the pinned pump stub shaft with a shaft clamp type  (issue 1: July 08, 261 kB)



Impeller holding tools

We have designed some very useful tools to hold our impellers whilst the locknut is removed.



How to obtain information about an existing MDM pump

To provide you with a spares quotation or other information about an existing product manufactured by MDM Pumps Ltd, we need to know the serial number. (Without the serial number, the information we can provide is very limited). It is stamped in two places:

1) On the top of the pump, between the clamp ring and the motor. Every pump has a serial number. At first glance it may appear that your pump does not have one, but if you look carefully you will find it. Sometimes a pump has been disassembled and then rebuilt with the number on the side or on the bottom.

2) On the standard MDM nameplate, located on the motor or the cowl.

If the serial number on the cowl is different from that on the pump itself, then the number on the pump will be the most reliable, since the cowl may have been taken from another pump.

The serial number is typically of the form:


yyXpp is the MDM reference number for the order, where yy is the last two digits of the year of manufacture (e.g. 98 for 1998), X is a capital letter and pp are two further digits.

An is the pump sequence number (ie A1 to A9) for that order.

For example, if an order was placed in 1998 for three pumps, then the MDM order reference number might be something like 98Q27, and the pump serial numbers would be 98Q27-A1, 98Q27-A2 and 98Q27-A3.