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MDM PUMPS LTD is registered to ISO 9001:2015. 

The company was first registered in May 1992, and has been continually assessed by BSI since then.

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For a copy of the certificate, (valid until 14/09/20 - latest revision 22/08/18)

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Quality Policy

MDM PUMPS LTD is committed to maintaining a quality management system which meets the requirements of 

ISO 9001:2015, Quality management systems - Requirements.

The aim of the quality management system is to:

1. Implement any necessary actions to meet customer requirements, including future needs and expectations.
2. Enhance customer satisfaction by meeting the customers' stated and implied needs. In particular, providing the right product at the right time.
3. Provide confidence to the customers that the requirements for quality are being, or will be, achieved in the delivered product.
4. Ensure that the company meets statutory and regulatory requirements.
5. Determine and select opportunities for improvement to products, services and processes.
6. Continually improve the suitability, adequacy, performance and effectiveness of the quality management system.
7. Provide confidence to internal management and other employees that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, and that quality improvement is taking place.
8. Provide confidence that the quality management system requirements are fulfilled.
Signed: David Petersen, Managing Director. 25th January 2018.