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MDM Pumps Ltd specialises in tailor-made hygienic pumps, vent valves and strainers, for the pharmaceutical, brewery, soft drinks, dairy and food industries. All our products are built to last and are fully cleanable in place: liquid contact surfaces are smooth and crevice-free, with minimum 3mm radii. We manufacture products using components machined from solid stainless steel 316L bar (see footnote 1) - without using castings, pressings or spinnings (see footnote 2) - and use FDA-compliant seals.

If you are pumping products such as sewage, river water, sea water or petrochemicals, then you do not need a pump to such a high specification as this.

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1Apart from the motor, all metal parts are stainless steel 316L except for those in the mechanical seal, which are typically stainless steel 316, and some of the FSB/cowl rails and cowl sheet (where supplied), which are stainless steel 304. Low ferrite stainless steel 316L (1.4435) is available on request. 

2 We no longer use castings, pressings or spinnings for H, CH, D or GP pumps, vent valves or strainers because cast steel is vulnerable to porosity and surface pitting which makes it less satisfactory, and pressed or spun components are generally thinner which results in a shorter life. Each of our impellers is machined from a single billet (back plates for closed impellers are separate components).