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BS EN 13951 pumps

BS EN 13951:2012 Liquid pumps - Safety requirements - Agrifoodstuffs equipment; Design rules to ensure hygiene in use.

MDM PUMPS LTD specialises in tailor-made hygienic pumps using components machined from solid stainless steel 316L bar to give smooth, crevice-free internals, fitted with FDA-approved seals and hygienic connections. 

This standard applies to liquid pumps and pump units operating with agrifoodstuffs. It is NOT intended to be used for pumps handling pharmaceutical products. The standard provides hygiene related requirements to prevent the pump causing contamination of the pumped product when used in accordance with the instruction handbook. Note: due to the influence of the product, the process and the cleaning regime adopted, it is only the end-user that can ultimately ensure hygienic conditions during operation.

This type C standard is a means of conforming to essential requirements of the New Approach Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery.

The standard makes reference to EN 1672-2:2005+A1:2009 Food processing machinery - Basic concepts - Part 2 Hygiene requirements.

We need to request specific information at the time of quotation:

-  Cleanability level required - levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 (see table below) - the level selected should take into account the risks arising from the pumped product, the placement of the pump in the process and the cleaning regime anticipated.

-  If abrasive fluids are pumped (eg crystalline or fibrous foodstuffs), then the possibility of abrasive wear needs to be discussed and the choice of materials agreed.

-  Surface finishes - the cleanability depends of the topography of the surface (profile, roughness), local fluid velocities, pump type, application and cleaning process. What is required depends on the pump application, eg the product itself (viscosity / effective viscosity and tenacity of residues) and where the pump is in the process (ie handling of raw, semi-processed or final product). We recommend 0.8ÁmRa for our pure finish.

-  Connections - the customer will select the most appropriate connection having considered the hazards which may arise from their selection, installation and operation. Retention of product may be due to misalignment, physical change from thermal or chemical effects, incorrect installation (over or under tightening, omission of parts), or gaps and cavities inherent in the design. Hazards can arise from forces and moments from the pipework, unscrewing or mechanical shocks.

-  Seal types. The hygienic risk level depends on the pumped product and the seal type. Note that mostly the liquids will be 'Low viscous', and therefore the risk with a single mechanical seal will be low or medium.

Level BS EN 13951 clauses complied with Soils visibilty to the naked eye after in-plant cleaning Level of micro-organisms remaining
1 5.2.1, 5.3.8 & 5.5 Soils visible Not defined
2 All Soils visible Not defined
3 All No soils visible Not defined
4 All No soils visible Defined level