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FDA pumps

Food and Drug Administration

MDM PUMPS LTD specialises in tailor-made hygienic FDA pumps using components machined from solid stainless steel 316L bar to give smooth, crevice-free internals, fitted with FDA-approved seals and hygienic connections. 

The pumps are built to last, and are widely sought after by the food, brewery, soft drinks, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

In many applications there is a requirement for the materials used in the construction of the pump to be FDA-compliant. This applies to the wetted parts and includes the mechanical seal and static seals.


The Food and Drug Administration Department of Health and Human services publish their rules in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The relevant sections are:

Part 177 - Indirect food additives: polymers.

Part 182 - Substances generally recognized as safe.

Part 211 - Current good manufacturing practice for finished pharmaceuticals.