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For products you can rely on, which are well-constructed, robust, hygienic, efficient and with FDA traceable materials.

Our products are used in the soft drinks industry - in the production of spring water, juices and other beverages.


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In a recent survey, 99% of our customers rated us as good or excellent, and 1% as satisfactory.
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Pumps MDM PUMPS LTD specialises in tailor-made hygienic pumps using components machined from solid stainless steel 316L bar to give smooth, crevice-free internals, fitted with FDA-approved seals and hygienic connections. 

We can comply with the requirements of for example: FDA, 3-A, EHEDG, ATEX and BS EN 13951.


Centrifugal pumps - flooded suction Scavenge pumps
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H & CH range

D range

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Centrifugal air separator ('AS')
H & CH range

D range


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Liquid ring pumps, self-priming
CR range



Vent valves


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K2 & K3 range


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