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For products you can rely on, which are well-constructed, robust, hygienic, efficient and with FDA traceable materials.

Our products are used in the dairy industry - from the production of milk and cream to the manufacture of cheese, yoghurt and chocolate.

We also supply our 'AS' scavenge pumps to the manufacturers of road tankers for the unloading of milk.


Recent customers

Dairy pumps
Milk pumps
Whey pumps
Cream pumps
Emulsifier pumps
CIP pumps
Cadbury / Kraft Foods
Phoenix BV
Volac International


In a recent survey, 99% of our customers rated us as good or excellent, and 1% as satisfactory.
Contractors' comments: Road tanker manufacturer's comments:  

"A very good product. Very good service".


"Excellent quality".




Pumps MDM PUMPS LTD specialises in tailor-made hygienic pumps using components machined from solid stainless steel 316L bar to give smooth, crevice-free internals, fitted with FDA-approved seals and hygienic connections. 

We can comply with the requirements of for example: FDA, 3-A, EHEDG, ATEX and BS EN 13951.


Centrifugal pumps - flooded suction Scavenge pumps
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H & CH range

D range

Air Separator pump, AS_pump.jpg (11 kB)

Centrifugal air separator ('AS')
H & CH range

D range


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Liquid ring pumps, self-priming
CR range



Vent valves


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K2 & K3 range


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