Vent valves

Stainless steel vent valves

The vent valve is used to vent air from an enclosed pipe or vessel and has been specifically designed for the Brewing, Soft Drinks, Dairy and Food industries.

There are two versions available:

"Air Escape" AE or AV, which allows the venting of air from an enclosed pipe or vessel but automatically closes when liquid fills the valve. A non-return stage is incorporated to prevent air re-entering through the valve.

"Air Pass" AP, which allows air to escape and re-enter. It is typically used for tank venting or siphon breaking.

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Issue 1: 10/04 (228kB) RD-1707 /A (64kB) Issue 3: 06/14 (196kB)
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316L (1.4404) stainless steel

FDA compliant materials

full material certification available (to BS EN 10204 3.1b)


smooth surfaces

no castings (no porosity), no crevices

quick to dis-assemble for cleaning and sterilising

suitable for liquids of similar viscosity and specific gravity to water

Stainless steel bar, rolled_steel.jpg (21 kB)

Made from solid bar


ideally suited for:

brewing      soft drinks      dairy       food



Venting air from pipework 'AE' (see upper diagram).

Fitting the 'AE' valve just before the pump inlet (position A) will clear air from the inlet pipe. This will allow the pump to prime faster and help maintain prime.

Where a non-return valve is installed after the pump, an 'AE' valve can be fitted in position B so that trapped air can be vented, thereby allowing the pump to prime.

AE vent valve applications, AEapp.jpg (16 kB)

Siphon breaking 'AP' (see lower diagram).

Achieved by fitting an 'AP' valve at the highest point in the system (position C). When the pump is switched off the siphon action is broken, leaving liquid in the pump ready for the next operation.

Tank venting 'AP' (see lower diagram).

Fitting an 'AP' valve at the highest point in the tank (position D) will allow air to escape and to re-enter.

AP vent valve applications, APapp.jpg (17 kB)




316L (1.4404) stainless steel wetted metal parts machined from solid bar
materials certification can be provided


internal finish is 0.8 ÁmRa. 0.4 or 0.5 ÁmRa are available as options
external finish is as machined (approx 3.6 ÁmRa)

connections 1" inlet can be DIN11851, Tri-clamp, IDF, SMS, RJT, BSP or flanged.
outlet is plain tube (5/8" x 16g)

FDA-compliant Silicone or EP 'O' rings, Polypropylene float, Nitrile non-return ball (AE only)

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