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Two-Way pumps

These pumps have been designed to pump in either direction and are used typically in the brewing industry as a fermentation vessel sample pump.

The pump offers:

- Reduced time to ferment beer.

- Better utilisation of FV facilities.

- Representative samples of the product.

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hygienic pump

316L (1.4404) stainless steel

robust design

low noise

choice of motors and seals

quick to disassemble and easy to service

Stainless steel bar, rolled_steel.jpg (21 kB)

Made from solid bar


ideally suited for industries:

 brewing industry


The TWO-WAY can pump in either direction.

1) Product recirculation.

During fermentation the pump runs constantly at low speed. This:

- Gently rouses the product maintaining an even yeast distribution and therefore minimises the likelihood of plugging in the conical end of the FV.

- Circulates the product ensuring a uniform brew - this is particularly important where the vessel is some distance from the routing valves.

- Provides representative samples of the product.

2) In place cleaning.

The pump can then be run in the opposite direction at a higher speed to effectively clean in place the pump and associated pipework.

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316L (1.4404) stainless steel wetted metal parts machined from solid bar


internal finish is 3.6 ÁmRa for the machined 'Uniform' finish, and 0.8 ÁmRa for the 'Pure' finish
externally as machined

connections inlet and outlet can be DIN11851, Tri-clamp, IDF, SMS, RJT or flanged  
mechanical seal

either, carbon face, silicon carbide seat and EP elastomer, or
carbon face, ceramic seat, butyl bellows and EP seat ring
options include a low pressure flush seal

electric motor

standard IP55, two speed 380-415V aluminium or cast iron motor giving 1450/2900 rpm and powers of 0.45/2.2kW

flow rates up to 6 m3/hr  
head to 7.5 m  
accessories stainless steel trolley for mobile operation
stainless steel motor cowl
stainless steel free standing base
  for other options and a competitive quotation please contact our sales department