Stainless steel strainers

Types K2 & K3

The hygienic range of stainless steel pipeline strainers is ideal for applications where ease of cartridge removal and a robust construction are required.

Fitted with stainless steel wedge wire, sintered mesh or perforated sheet cartridges, they are designed to:

Prevent foreign bodies damaging or blocking process equipment, such as flow meters, valves and pumps;

Remove undesirable material, such as pips, fruit skins and gaskets;

Control the maximum size of solids and undissolved ingredients.

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316L (1.4404) stainless steel

FDA complaint materials

full material certification available (to BS EN 10204 3.1b)

hygienic, ie smooth surfaces, no castings (no porosity) & no crevices

quick to dis-assemble for cleaning and sterilising

robust design

right angle or inline configuration

filtering cartridges from 10mm to 0.02mm aperture

wedge wire cartridges, sintered mesh and perforated sheet cartridges are ideal for back flushing applications

Stainless steel bar, rolled_steel.jpg (21 kB)

Uses solid bar


ideally suited for industries: 

brewing      soft drinks      dairy       food       pharmaceutical



Current models: 


Strainer types, Strtype.jpg (12 kB)


Type K2:

K2-10, K2-20, K2-30, K2-45, K2-60, K2-65

Bespoke clamp rings 

Cartridge is detachable from lid

Type K3:

K3-10, K3-20, K3-30

'Tri-clamp' clamp rings

Cartridge is welded to the lid



Wedge wire cartridge Mesh filter cartridge - now replaced by sintered mesh
(with expanded metal diamond mesh support)
Wedge wire cartridge, Cartww.jpg (11 kB) Mesh cartridge, Cartmesh.jpg (12 kB)
Wedge wire, Cartwwz.jpg (39 kB) Mesh, Cartmshz.jpg (38 kB)
0.900mm to 0.020mm slot height (typical width ~10 to 16mm)

can be backflushed

standard sizes: 0.900mm, 0.400mm, 0.250mm, 0.140mm, 0.080mm

minimum size: 0.020mm


0.920mm to 0.080mm square aperture

unsuitable for backflushing

standard sizes: 0.920mm, 0.410mm, 0.260mm, 0.140mm

minimum size: 0.080mm

This consists of a coil of V-shaped profile which has been fusion welded to longitudinal support bars. Typically the flow is inside to out.


The square weave mesh is supported by an expanded metal diamond mesh on the outside (for a normal flow direction of inside to out).

Sintered mesh cartridge

Perforated sheet cartridge

Sintered mesh cartridge, Cartsint.jpg (52 kB)


Sintered mesh, Cartsinz.jpg (45 kB)

Perforated sheet, Cartperz.jpg (36 kB)

0.850mm to 0.042mm square aperture

can be backflushed

standard sizes: 0.850mm, 0.400mm, 0.315mm, 0.140mm, 0.080mm, 0.042mm, 0.025mm

minimum size: 0.025mm


10mm to 1mm diameter holes

can be backflushed

standard sizes: 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm

minimum size: 1mm


This is the most expensive option and consists of a fine square weave mesh and a support layer of square weave mesh, which has been sintered (fused together) using heat and pressure to form a 2 layer laminate. This provides a minimum pressure drop together with excellent backflush performance.  

Model information



Model Standard connection Max flow
clean water
1" x 1" 7
2" x 2" 32
3" x 3" 75
K2-45 4" x 4" 135
K2-65 6" x 6" 400
K2-60 6" x 6" 400

Cartridge information


Cartridge size

Model Dia.
Screen area
Screen area/
inlet area
50 197 300 77 0.4
85 360 950 53 2.0
164 430 2100 50 9.1
K2-45 215 520 3400 45 18.9
K2-65 304 460 4200 25 33.4
K2-60 304 680 6300 38 49.4

Cartridge types - standard sizes

Aperture type Mesh count Aperture size Open screen area Comment

Wedge wire


width typically 10.0 to 16.4mm

- 0.900mm x slot width 40%  
- 0.400mm x slot width 24%  
- 0.250mm x slot width 17%  
- 0.140mm x slot width 10%  
- 0.080mm x slot width 6.2%  
- 0.020mm x slot width 1.6% minimum aperture
Square 20 /inch 0.920mm x 0.920mm 29%  
40 /inch 0.410mm x 0.410mm 24%  
60 /inch 0.260mm x 0.260mm 22%  
100 /inch 0.140mm x 0.140mm 17%  
200 /inch 0.080mm x 0.080mm 21% minimum aperture
Sintered mesh    
Square 20 /inch 0.850mm x 0.850mm 46%  
40 /inch 0.400mm x 0.400mm 38%  
60 /inch 0.315mm x 0.315mm 54%  
100 /inch 0.140mm x 0.140mm 31%  
200 /inch 0.080mm x 0.080mm 38%  
325 /inch 0.042mm x 0.042mm 29%  
500 /inch 0.025mm x 0.025mm 25% minimum aperture
Perforated sheet    
Round - 10mm diameter 40%  
- 5mm diameter 35%  
- 3mm diameter 33%  
- 2mm diameter 40%  
- 1mm diameter 23% minimum aperture





316L (1.4404) stainless steel wetted metal parts machined from solid bar
materials certification can be provided


internal finish 0.8µmRa. 0.4 or 0.5 µmRa are available as options
external finish is as machined (approx 3.6 µmRa)

connections inlet and outlet can be DIN11851, Tri-clamp, IDF, SMS, RJT, BSP or flanged.
other connections on request

silicone elastomer
options include EP, viton, PTFE encapsulated

filter cartridges wedge wire typically from 0.900mm to 0.020mm slot height,
sintered mesh typically from 0.850mm to 0.025mm square aperture, or
perforated sheet with 10mm to 1mm diameter holes

drain or drain valve
sight glasses
vent valve
bracketing or legs: for wall fixing or for free standing on the floor

  for other options and a competitive quotation please contact our sales department