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Hygienic range of centrifugal pumps

'H' - The Hygienic range, which is a new generation of high quality stainless steel pumps, utilising advanced design concepts and manufactured from solid bar

'CH' - The Cleanability assessed Hygienic range, which is the ultimate in hygiene. The range is fitted with a John Crane 515H metal bellows seal and has been independently assessed to the EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) in-place cleanability protocol.

Current models: H141, H161, H191, H221, H241 & H261

Available as flooded suction and 'AS' scavenge versions.


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hygienic design

316L stainless steel (low ferrite available)

smooth surfaces with minimum 3mm radii

no castings (no porosity), no pressings, no crevices

no rubbing metal parts

excellent surface finishes better than 0.5 ÁmRa available

CE marked

standard motors and seals

easy change pump stub shaft and seals

simple to maintain and reassemble

low NPSH

high efficiency

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Made from solid bar


ideally suited for industries:


brewing      soft drinks      dairy       food       pharmaceutical


The 'H' and 'CH' range are available as either:



Flooded suction pump (top right), which is used for applications where the pump is flooded with liquid, for example a delivery pump.

Air Separator ('AS') pump (right), which is designed to handle a mixture of air and liquid, eg for emptying product from road tankers, or for scavenging of vessels and pipelines in a CIP (Cleaning In Place) system. For applications where the liquid level is below the inlet of the pump, a liquid reservoir can be supplied to make the 'AS' pump self-priming.

AS pump principles of operation, ASop.jpg (16 kB)



316L (1.4404) stainless steel wetted metal parts machined from solid bar
materials certification can be provided


internal finish is 3.6 ÁmRa for the machined 'Uniform' finish, and 0.8 ÁmRa for the 'Pure' finish. 0.4, 0.5 ÁmRa and electropolishing are available as options
external finish is as machined

connections inlet and outlet can be DIN11851, Tri-clamp, IDF, SMS, RJT, flanged etc.  
mechanical seal

carbon face, silicon carbide seat and EP elastomer FDA compliant
options include silicon carbide face, metal bellows seal, cartridge seal, PTFE or viton« elastomers, external seal and double seal (flushed)

electric motor

standard IP55, 2 or 4 pole 3 phase 380-415V aluminium or cast iron frame IE2 / IE3
options include IE4 motors, thermistors for inverter drive, ATEX, single phase 220-240V

flow rates to 360 m3/hr  
head to 160 m  
viscosity to 200 cP  
accessories stainless steel trolley for mobile operation
stainless steel motor cowl
stainless steel free standing base
  for other options and a competitive quotation please contact our sales department  


- for more information on standards and legislation, eg ATEX, EHEDG, FDA.