D dimensions
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Dimensions for the D range of Centrifugal pumps

Please select the appropriate PDF file from the table below.

PDF file


Drawing no & revision

Date & size

D121dim D121 RD-2161 /B 02/11 96kB
D2dim D2/D2W RD-2032 /B 03/07 241kB
D3dim D3 RD-2081 10/03 245kB
D4dim D4 RD-2082 10/03 254kB
D6dim D6A RD-2033 /B 02/11 85kB
D5dim D5A RD-2083 /A 02/11 82kB
D121ASdm 25-40 D121/AS RD-2154 /A 02/11 88kB
D121ASdn 50-80 D121/AS RD-2160 /A 02/11 88kB
D2ASdim D2/AS & D2W/AS RD-2094 01/05 216kB

Dimensions should not be used for installation purposes unless specifically endorsed.
Dimensions are approximate and subject to change without notification.
Other dimensions are available on request.
The files are in Adobe PDF format. Visit the Adobe website if you need to
download the Adobe Acrobat reader (freeware).