CR curves
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Curves for the CR range of Liquid ring self-priming pumps


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  Note: all these curves are 1450 rpm, 50 Hz  

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Typical flow 

Max head

Issue & file size

Overview - CR range of Liquid ring self-priming pumps, ie CR40 / CR50 / CR60 / CR65 / CR80

CRcurve CR range 40-80mm (1.5"-3") 1 - 58 m3/h   Iss 1, 04/02 68kB

Specific models

contact MDM CR40 40mm (1.5") 1.2 - 9.3 m3/h 16 m  
contact MDM CR50 50mm (2") 1.0 - 21.5 m3/h 22 m  
contact MDM CR60 65mm (3") 5.0 - 24.0 m3/h 26 m  
contact MDM CR65 65mm (3") 3.0 - 42 m3/h 35 m  
contact MDM CR80 80mm (3") 10 - 58 m3/h 44 m  

The curves show the pressure (m head) against flow (m3/h) for water at 20oC and for a pump operating at 4 pole speed (1450 rpm with a 50 Hz supply).
They therefore apply to any fluid which is similar to water and has a viscosity of 1 cP and a specific gravity of 1.
For pumps operating at other speeds, viscosities and specific gravities please
contact MDM
Curves are approximate and are subject to change without notice.
The files are in Adobe PDF format. Visit the Adobe website if you need to
download the Adobe Acrobat reader (freeware).