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Manufacturers of hygienic stainless steel pumps, vent valves and strainers


MDM PUMPS LTD manufactures in England a high quality range of stainless steel pumps:

- hygienic centrifugal pumps
- hygienic scavenge pumps 
- hygienic liquid ring pumps 

as well as stainless steel vent valves and strainers. 

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These pumps, vent valves and strainers are used for hygienic applications in the    brewing,    soft drinks,      dairy,      food    and    pharmaceutical   industries.

Brewing, Brew.jpg (4 kB) Soft drinks, Soft.jpg (4 kB) Dairy, Dairy.jpg (3 kB)
Food, Food.jpg (3 kB) Pharmaceutical, Pharm.jpg (3 kB) ISO 9001: 2008

Latest news (April 2016)

On 20th April 2016, the ATEX directive 94/9/EC was replaced by the directive 2014/34/EU. This means the current ATEX EU declaration of conformity has changed as has the ATEX instruction manual.  more


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